About Us

We are an e-commerce company
that focuses on the Taxi Moto Industry.

Through our platform, we enable Moto Riders to access various products & services that include
spare parts for their Motos, financial inclusion using TIVA Wallet, and offering of delivery services to other customers.

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What do we do?

Offer products and services to the Taxi Moto industry and create more opportunities for members to earn extra income.

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Our Mission

To enhance the service delivery of the Taxi Moto Industry and increase investment portfolio of the registered members.

TIVA Motos History
Our History

Started out in 2018 with a clear goal to support the Moto Riders in various ways that might have been missing in their industry.

What Our Custumers Says ?

Thank you for a great team, was glad this option was available for me,
making an order is rather easier than I thought it would be.

As a house wife, sometimes it is rather difficult to go shopping.
Glad for this option to order online, makes home management much easier.

These guys have been absolutely outstanding, didn’t expect any less from them.
Thank you for the good service so far, keep it up.